Saturday, March 12, 2011

The anatomy of a skeptic


CHAPTER 01  -  thou shalt not dance

CHAPTER 02 - John MacArthur and the Russians

CHAPTER 03 -  you're in the army now

CHAPTER 04 - my dad is dead

CHAPTER 05 - one system to rule them all

CHAPTER 06 - are we right because we presuppose we are right

CHAPTER 07 - the inconsistent god

CHAPTER 08 - my mountain

CHAPTER 09 - panic

CHAPTER 10 - faith that can not move mountains

CHAPTER 11 - a most remarkable journey


When I was 7, I thought that God spoke to me during a prayer. I wondered if that was true and so began a quest that took me 27 years to conclude.

The journey has taken me around the world. From Pentecostalism, to the charismatic movement, neo-orthodoxy and liberal theology and back to american fundamentalism.

I moved to Cape Town and climbed Table Mountain every single week-end, drawn by the solitude which enabled me to try and make sense about everything that I have learned and experienced in Christianity.

I started writing The Anatomy of a Skeptic on 21 March 2008 as a way to summarize the main arguments against Christianity.

The views I offer here are not  intended to offend.  It is in the first place a dialog with myself.  Secondly, it is intended as reading material for my children.

It is not intended to even stimulate debate with Christians because I have over the past few months learned that each of us have our own journey.  Some people need Christianity and the disciplines it offer to live productive and fulfilled lives.

I do not wish to create doubt in the minds of these people or offend them in any way.  If I do, I offer my humblest apologies right at the outset.

But, as much as they have to be true to themselves, so must I be to myself.  I do not therefore apologize for any of the positions presented here.

eben van tonder
cape Town


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