Saturday, March 12, 2011

The anatomy of a skeptic

Making sense of my Christian heritage from the cliffs of Table Mountain

When I was 7 I thought God spoke to me during a prayer. I wondered if it was true and so began a 27-year quest which dominated my life till my mid-30's. I moved to Cape Town and climbed Table Mountain every weekend, drawn by the solitude which enabled me to make sense of my conservative religious heritage. The story ends up not being an argument against Christianity but rather about the life of a boy in South Africa, just before the end of apartheid.It is a dialog with myself, intended for my children.

CHAPTER 01  -  thou shalt not dance

CHAPTER 02 - John MacArthur and the Russians

CHAPTER 03 -  you're in the army now

CHAPTER 04 - my dad is dead

CHAPTER 05 - one system to rule them all

CHAPTER 06 - are we right because we presuppose we are right

CHAPTER 07 - the inconsistent god

CHAPTER 08 - my mountain

CHAPTER 09 - panic

CHAPTER 10 - faith that can not move mountains

CHAPTER 11 - a most remarkable journey

CHAPTER 12 - the value of mythology

CHAPTER 13 - power of story telling